System Requirements

ANZ Direct Online and ANZ Internet Banking offers a tool to test if your technical environment meets the requisite system requirements.

Click here to check if your technical environment meets the system requirements.

Following are the minimum specifications you will need for running ANZ Direct Online and ANZ Internet Banking.

Computer Requirements

  • To run ANZ Direct Online and ANZ Internet Banking you will need a PC with a minimum of Microsoft Windows 7 or MAC OS X 10.10* operating system. A broadband or high speed connection is also required.

Other Software Required

  1. As ANZ Direct Online and ANZ Internet Banking are accessed via your web browser, we recommend using the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari*. By using the latest versions, this will ensure a faster and more secure browsing experience. If you choose to use an unsupported or out-of-date internet browser, some functionality may not be available.
  2. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or later is required.
    You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. If you don't have it, you can download Adobe reader free of charge. If you already have Adobe loaded but would like to check the version, open a PDF file then from your Help menu select 'About'. This will show you the version number.

* ANZ Internet Banking officially supported only